Do you know the items to be achieved before hosting the web site in internet server? A myriad of testing and defect fixing work are gone for that website that is presently located in intranet server. We now have the server informations for hosting the web site as well as the database particulars. We have their email list of 3rd party controls/softwares that ought to be installed prior to going live!! What else to become done? The web site is developed using Visual Studio 2008, SQL server 2008, ASP.Internet framework 3.5 and C# language.

  1. Find an host company (that supports your platform)
  2. Buy a domain title, point it for your host
  3. (optional) purchase an SSL certificate

What thinks you must do before go live:

  1. produce a new web.config for that live server using the "release mode on" and also the new setup strings for that database connections.
  2. Make certain the web server is configure for the best asp.internet version out of your user interface of the site or from iis if you can get the server.
  3. Look into the temporary/database dir/upload/other sites which have permissions for write.
  4. Check additionally that the dll files that you simply likely to upload on bin, may be the release versions.
  5. Check the number of pools you allow for your application. I would recommend to provide 1 pool in the beginning, and much more only when you've simple web application or else you have take look after the synchronization.
  6. Look into the machineKey on web.config and make certain that's a brand new brand new one.
  7. Look into the authentication on web.config and make certain you have setup it correct.
  8. The database should have permission for the asp.internet application to seeOrcreate ether on directory, ether on user title and also you must setup it according.

Start the upload using the application_offline.htm present, in the end your uploading take it off.

Hope this help.