I really hope lots of people already know of the Dropbox Cloud Service for storing and syncing files across various clients.

I'm little reluctant using a 3rd party plan to store my own files.

I'm attempting to develop a personal cloud storage using my 2TB Hard Disk. I suppose I'm searching for pointers on - how to start, which APIs [ideally JAVA and J2EE], security? risks?

Any advice?

First, I'd recommend recovering from your paranoia odds are very slim that Dropbox employees are likely to spend their lunch hour searching at the photos or whatever. Literally huge numbers of people store their stuff on Dropbox and no one's had their privacy violated.

Nevertheless, Dropbox is dependant on Amazon . com S3, which (since i have assume you trust Amazon . com nearly as much as you trust Dropbox) comes with an free clone that you could run yourself. Have a look at Eucalyptus. Because you particularly raised Java, I'll explain the excellent AWS SDK for Java works equally well on Eucalyptus' S3 stores as on Amazon's.

How's it Cloud storage whether it's in your 2TB hard disk? Why do you consider your personal service could be more secure when accessible with the internet a service run by individuals who focused on doing the work. I suppose Amazon . com has most likely more experience than anybody else when it comes to HTTP accessible file storage (S3).

If you wish to make certain nobody can review your stuff It is best to consider encrypting it before saving it into S3. That will allow it to be harder to gain access to around the client side, since you always need a proven method to complete the file encryption stuff but that's the cost you'd need to pay.