I've got a assortment of heterogenous data which i pull from the database table mtable. Then, for each unique value ultra violet in column A, I compute a purpose of (Choose * FROM mtable In Which AEqualsultra violet). I Quickly perform the same for column B, and column C. You will find rather various values, so I'd rather not hit the db frequently - I'd favour a category that illegal copies a few of the functionality (most significantly some version of Choose WHERE). Furthermore, I must abstract the column names from the class definition, in the event that makes sense at all - the constructor should take a listing of names like a parameter, as well as, I guess, a listing of types (at this time case a String[], which appears hacky). I am obtaining the initial data from the RowSet.
I have pretty much carried this out using a hashmap that maps Strings to lists/arrays of Objects, however i keep getting bogged lower in evaluations and kinds, and am convinced that my current implementation really is not as neat and obvious as it may be. I am pretty a new comer to java, also, and am unsure if I am not heading down a totally incorrect path. Does anybody have suggestions?

You can test JoSQL, we have an SQL like language over collections of objects.