It is possible to means by Java, copying the items in the clipboard (a picture during my situation) towards the finish of the word document?

I wish to possess a program which will - * Have a filename (word file) like a parameter * Whenever the program operates - it'll open the term file and paste the items in the clipboard towards the finish from the document.

I'm completed with part one - but am battling using the second part. Also attempted POI but tend to not get results.

Any help or pointers are greatly appreciated.

Regards, - Ashish

Haven't examined it, however i would try these steps:

After reading through the document, attempt to browse the image in the clipboard (you are able to take a look only at that website: ToClipImg.html) and temporarily (File.createTempFile(...)) save the look to disk. It may be simpler in order to save the look first after which add it with POI.

I'm not sure which library/code you are using for parsing the term file, but Aspose.Words does an excellent job parsing Word files. It isn't free however, but it's rather straightforward to make use of, has decent enough documentation along with a pretty solid forum-based helpdesk.

Take a look at their website. With no, I am no Aspose worker, it is simply a great software program :)

It's at the begining of development but you should check it within the SVN dir