TL DR Want some Java assist with hooking up to some truly local database ( no use of server tech ), or if you're able to make code, which will work. All it needs to do is query the DB ( MS Access, although could be transformed ), and output a JSON string. See EDIT2 for additional specificity.

EDIT: Before anybody states JDBC I looked with the lessons ( began reading through thorough ), but many from it appears to become targeted towards server tech, which i've no use of.

EDIT2: Appears most the solutions to date are needing a set up of some type that we regrettably canrrrt do ( and unsuccessful to say, and so i apologize ). However, this is exactly what is presently getting used and I'd like an answer similar for Java that will allow it to be more mix-browser compatible instead of being HTA only (link: )

Okay, for that lengthy version. I am attempting to take advantage of the local database to produce a desktop style application for work ( and perhaps take advantage from the understanding for other projects ). The database I'm able to create with no problem ( MS Access 2003, just is actually rapidly available ). Presently I am using ActiveX scripting to utilize the database inside a HTML Application (*.HTA file works just with Ie), I would love to create this more mix browser ( in case the organization EVER switches for an actual browser ) by utilizing JAVA to gain access to the database, then output the outcomes in JSON to some local variable JavaScript can call and take advantage of.

Honestly prefer to tutorial type information as I wish to really discover why this works in order to later modify it to match me. I've Eclipse installed in addition to JDK, and may right small programs in Java, so not completely brain dead ( although not not even close to :P ). I have been dealing with JavaScript in order to read a great deal of Java code because it stands ( different syntax being that they are not related, however the little I know of Java I'm able to translate to JS without problem ).

Anyway, any assistance could be greatly appreciated. I'm able to continue developing with ActiveX ( when i realize that creates the machine and I am 99% sure they'll keep using Ie, but, would really like some versatility ).