Sorry about repeating the Question, but this really is some what different.

I am searching for some website hosting around 15$/month with limitless bandwidth and space or no matter what be a great deal.

Website is using struts2 java framework mysql database.

I've already seen plan of although their plan look filled with feature as well as my cost range but recently i see lots of negative reviews on world wide to ensure that makes me further confused and i am unable to constitute my thoughts which to make use of.

Can everyone suggest worthwhile reliable java hoster. as well as if somebody can point just how much bandwidth and disk space is requred for just about any avg data driven site.

[some factor concerning the site to ensure that you are able to determine the information bandwidth: site generally may have 2 kinds of login general user and org user. general user can login and submit their feedback which is of 9 text fields on avg 100 char each one of these file upload document type avg size 100KB other Org user might have the report feature in line with the feedback website is new so very little user/view but expecting some what 100K customers in first 4 several weeks, No audio/video/expensive can be used on-site just plan text/css/image to really make it attractive ] Thanks

rain, the fact is that you will not look for a good hosting plan for your money. You may make use of the ones you pointed out, but prepare to hold back a couple of seconds for every request. Like all hosting that is shared plans play one cpu unit to host plenty of programs.

Should you prefer a small little bit of performance, you'll have to jump to some Vps (VPS). The great ones remain $50 and be sure 256m of memory (as you may know that's next to nothing for any java application). You will find some cheap VPS ($20/month) like, but I'm not sure how good they're.