I'm a .internet web services developer.

I would like do develop web services on Java platform using Light platform.

Presently I've fedora 10i386 with Apache web server and eclipse IDE.

Please suggest me tools, plug ins for eclipse will be able to use to build up web service's because it is possible insinternet platform using visual studio and MS sql server.

If above isn't feasible please suggest me appropriate options(lessons) for developing Java web services on Apache like me completely new within this Light area.

thanks ahead of time


Well the P in Light means PHP, which isn't Java!

Anyway, should you download Eclipse IDE for Java EE designers, there's an internet Services plug-in available. It uses Axis2, which might not be the very best Java Web Services framework, but it's a lot more than acceptable for a novice. You'll find some lessons here.

Alternatively, you should use Netbeans, which utilizes JAX-WS technology. A tutorial can be obtained here.

The quickest method of doing what for you to do would be to install the most recent version of Glassfish which assists getting classes put together with Java 6 and also the @javax.something.WebService tag to automagically produce the necessary scaffold quickly around your code.

Netbeans and also the JEE version of Eclipse has good support for Glassfish.

(This isn't an endorsement as a result of Glassfish in opposition to other JEE containers - just proclaiming that Glassfish has got the systems built-in you'll need).

I understand this is not associated with Light, but would you believe Glassfish is production ready?

Which version of Glassfish can you use (latest build of v2, or can you dare for v3?)?

Would you need to configure anything extra for that WebServices or simply annotate the Java classes, package, and deploy these questions WAR?