Hey, men,
Are you able to suggest us a good java website hosting provider?
I am situated in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria) when the location matters.
Is going to be happy on something cheap and reliable.


EDIT: Thanks all. I have made the decision to make use of Amazon . com EC2.

Google Application Engine. Free is extremely cheap.

Amazon . com EC2. I am utilizing it for quite some time already. You are able to pay around you actually consume. I love their recent addition - micro instances. They're small , cheap.

Large advantage (for me personally a minimum of) - you've raw Linux machine - just install all that's necessary, no restrictions relating to this. Service is reliable enough (telling from experience) - I'd some problems, but they're minor issues (particularly if you have backup, which really is easy and fast with EBS pictures).

And so they provide lots of other very helpful services (which are elastic) like SQS/SNS for message queue and subjects, S3, etc.

They've also datacenters in Europe (Ireland).

... used eApps.com for some time, no gripes. What exactly are you likely to deploy? Upright servlets/jsp/jdbc application? ... or something like that more exciting like Grails? The 2nd you might certainly become more resource hungry.

Consider also looking at MochaHost. They provide Java hosting plans beginning at $2.95 monthly. Their service can also be great. We have used it for more than a year with no problems. Their VPS hosting plans will also be worth using.

Amazon . com give a micro instance free for any year. The benefit of over GAE is I've found it somewhat faster and much more flexible. GAE blacklists numerous helpful classes, with Amazon . com, you've full control.