i installed wordpress on my small localhost (wamp on home windows 7) but javascript isn't focusing on my admin area

any help ?


i am monitoring the issue

it appears it's from /wordpress-admin/loadscripts.php line 123 "get_file" function .. when it is obtaining the javascript in the file it replaces " with " it did preg_replace however it appears that there's another thing .. i attempted different function file_get_contents for instance but still exactly the same problem

here's one of the errors from opera error window

Error: syntax error
Source File: mylocalhost/wordpress/wp-admin/load-scripts.php?c=1&load=jquery,utils&ver=0e4de088c1d51cff99f6e17399d2c995
Line: 21, Column: 58
Source Code:

The reason behind this really is frequently conflicting plug ins. Should you installed any new plug ins lately, try deactivating them 1 by 1 and find out whether you'll find the reason.

Also, try looking in Firebug's "Internet" tab to determine whether you will find any missing assets.

i solved that !!

whenever we open a javascript file and output in home windows we want stripslashes and everything works perfectly