I am presently creating an internet site that will involve storing a lengthy listing of names (without any additional data) around the server after which outputting these to the customer browser on request.

To keep these names I clearly would want an information storage approach to some kind and that i only agreed to be wondering, because the entire website is created in javascript/jquery, if there is a safe and secure method to store these names after which output them using javascript?

If only to prevent the PHP/MySQL route for server load reasons so I believed when the simplest factor to complete is always to keep names inside a plain text file around the server, then use AJAX to see what they are called and output them, but I'm not sure how secure that's to unsanctioned changes. Please produce your ideas about this method.

One other way is always to make use of the TaffyDB library, please produce your ideas on which.

I do not worry about unsanctioned viewing from the data as they possibly can see everything anyway on the website, just unsanctioned changes.



Use CouchDB. Any details are accessible via AJAX (Publish, GET..).

Storing what they are called inside a text file around the server might be secure, for the way secure your server is and just how you place up permissions.

For instance, having a secure linux webserver, you can set the file permissions to ensure that just the 'root' user can email the file, but anybody can see it. Many extremely important configuration files feel at ease just due to permissions such as this in linux.

Read this wordpress plugin: http://www.jstorage.info/

We have an impressive group of browser support such as the IEs. It'll integrate with many modern JS frameworks and may function stand alone.

There's no secure method to store that simply around the client.

Best scenario I possibly could think about may be the HTML5 storage. But which means you disaster your clients to HTML5 browsers. Writing and reading through textfiles in the local filesystem is really a bad factor (bad bad karma) which requires plenty of security tokens / browser configurations.

I'd really think about using serverside database storage.

File system access with JavaScript within the browser isn't permitted - it essentially violates the sandbox policy. Check this out previous SO post which article.

JavaScript and also the DOM provide the opportunity of malicious authors to provide scripts to operate on the client computer through the web. Browser authors contain this risk using two limitations. First, scripts run inside a sandbox by which they are able to only perform web-related actions, not general-purpose programming tasks like creating files.

What you are speaking about doing can be achieved having a Silverlight application, ActiveX control (ugh!), Adobe Expensive/AIR (I do not fully realize that platform), etc. Something with local storage that runs as basically a plug-to the browser.

If you won't want to go down that path, i quickly think all you should do is keep data inside a hidden value inside your markup...however i wouldn't advise it. To be sure with jAndy - opt for serverside db storage.

SQLite may be the one option you can look at within this situation. SQLite is really a light-weighted database server which doesn't need any expenses like startup, maintenance, etc (as if you do for other RDBMS like Oracle, MySql, etc).

It really works somewhat as an embedded db server inside your application at server side.