I'm a software developer with devlopment experience of C#, C++ .Internet alongwith SQL Server 2005/08, Oracle and mysql. But in some way i dont get jBASE to work on Home windows XP SP3 machine.

Transpire is setup user accounts, create database on the JBASE ainstallation, authenticate and backup/restore couple of table using a C++ program. And that i dont have to do it with builtin backup/restore tools of jBASE.

I can install jBASe 4.1 aling with all of its add-ons on my small WINXPSP3 machine. I could run the jSlimserver and TEMENOUS server together with licnesing server. I could add the license key too. But next things i was designed to do? i've no clue about this.

The paperwork an internet-based help does not answer an easy question of methods to produce a database! The search results on the jbase site all visit the 404 Pages!

Can a jBASE expert help guide to the next steps:

  1. Produce a jBASE database.
  2. Create customers
  3. Authenticate via individuals customers
  4. Connect with database
  5. Create tables and place data.
  6. Connect using a C++ or C# program for connecting to jBASE DB and backup/restore tables.

I understand this is simply too way too request however i dont get to obtain the JBASE system. I cant get results on my small System in some way. Btw, jdc and jexloree does not appear to complete anything. I've checked that enironmental variables for jBASE are setup properly and that i have verified them. You will find no extra JRE or JDK installations on my small system. Besides everything, only certification client, slim server and temenous server appear to operate and listen for connections with no other execuatable ever appears to operate.

An easy tutorial to offer the objective is going to be highly appreciated. And if anybody can explain the error which i did or anything i should check, then please so. I'll be highly urged and obliged.



I really hope this helps, should you haven't already found a why to get this done.

Setup jBase User and Database

  1. Produce a Security Group known as 'Jbase' or what every you need to refer to it as
  2. Give a User for this group. I'd recommend adding your administrator user to it too
  3. Produce a folder in your soul file system in order to save the database information into
  4. Assign the 'Jbase' Security group to the folder, and provide it "Full" read/write/execute access.

Creating the database:

  1. Make certain the present customers you are drenched up with may be the 'Jbase' security group.

  2. visit the command prompt, and Compact disc towards the folder you create to keep the database

  3. run the jShell 'jsh' from that locaction

  4. use CREATE-FILE to produce the files/tables you need to store your information in.

Placing data:
You will find serveral methods to enter data. You should use Erectile dysfunction, your can your programming atmosphere, or produce a quick MultiValue/jBase put together server script to request for that data and write these to personal filesOrdesk.

Nathan Rector