I've effectively integrated Jboss with Apache. I'm able to pull-up http://localhost/web-console .... now after i drop a war file into my Jboss deploy directory I'm able to pull up here localhost:8080/helloworld/hi.jsp Although Not here localhost/helloworld/hi.jsp

Is not the purpose of integrating Jboss with apache and so i don't have to do :8080? and that i can pull-up my WAR file though Apache?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!

You need to specify the way you have integrated JBoss with apache, you will find several techniques.

If you work with mod_jk, you have to then add configuration for apache to understand it must forward demands to helloworld to JBoss. This can be done with the addition of the next for your mod_jk.conf (or regardless of the mod_jk configuration file is known as inside your apache configuration)

JkMount /helloworld/* jboss

JkMount /helloworld jboss

This doesn't apply if you work with among the proxy techniques of integrating apache with JBoss.