hey men android has some serious restrictions with file system space on certain products and my application begins giving me errors once my sqlite db quality develops beyond 5mb and that i attempt to run the vaccum command

i'm thinking to split up my data across multiple sqlite files to interrupt them into more compact db files to ensure that i'm able to simply remove the right sqlite file when its data becomes obselete

this way my primary sqlite file never develops too large and that i dont ever appetite up space when you are performing vaccum

however desired to determine if there's a method to make inner joins work across multiple sqlite files (so that the main information is there during my primary sqlite file) and secondary data split across different sqlite files

if the is not possible in sqlite i quickly guess i will need to recode stuff to utilize gzipped xml files :-(

Use ATTACH DATABASE to question several database inside your SQL: http://www.sqlite.org/lang_attach.html

Different databases means that they're different "things". You can query one db, them query another db and join the 2 leads to code (even when which includes join X on Y). But AFAIK, you can't really do this using sql only.