I m in a position to login in to the website via Facebook basically m around the webpage from the jomsocial,

however when i m around the pages from the website, then if i wish to use that button, it's unable to bring the popup window of facebook to login.


thanks ahead of time


That's usually triggered when another extensions can also be attempting to load the Facebook library additionally to JomSocial. Search the HTML of the page for appId. This ought to be the Facebook application ID you are using in JomSocial, also it should only show up once within the page like: appId: '12345'

Whether it pops up two times, or especially differs both occasions, plus there is likely likely to be confusion when interacting with Facebook.

Also search for any cases of "featureloader.js.php". This really is Facebook's early library, that is incompatible using the brand new one (all.js). Whether it's inside, that's another extension you will need to remove.

Finally, if you are utilizing an extension like JFBConnect, that has additional Facebook features and functionality over JomSocial, you'll only desire to take away the API/Secret secrets from JomSocial and configure JFBConnect like normal. Which will disable JomSocial therefore it does not conflict with JFBConnect.

To learn more about JFBConnect, see: Joomla Facebook Connect

I acquired the answer for my problem,

thanks anyways!!!!

it had been just the appid didn't have make up the code.