I am using Joomla 1.5 and installed Joomap to produce site map.

I discovered when the product within the Joomap tree is really a menulink (menu alias), it cannot act as deserved. It'll result in a 404 error which stated the component can't be found once the menulink is clicked on.


Ok, This is actually the solution.

All that you should do would be to customize the component code, simply by leaving comments one line your condition is going to be solved. There's not one other way.

Edit : /components/joomap/joomap.html.php

and comment the road of code, around line number 58, 59

$link .= '&Itemid='.$node->id;


//$link .= '&Itemid='.$node->id;

Just comment the road and it'll act as it deserve.

Hope this can solve the way to go. SIA