When being able to access com_customers component in Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 on front-finish the applying instantly imports all plug ins from 'user' group. Clearly it's very helpful if a person does not are thinking about creating an element to merely pass some variables to some wordpress plugin.

Ok. let us allow it to be simplier:

  1. User will get an activation link: http://example.com/index.php?option=com_customers&task=edit&emailactivation=1&u=63&d077b8106=1 and clicks it.
  2. Obviously the component will omit emailactivation along with other params simply displying "Edit Profile Form" (or login form for visitors).
  3. Then JApplication imports all plug ins from 'user' group, which triggers __constructors

Essentially, with plugin's __constructor it's possible to setup simple action like that one below:

class plgUserAccountactivation stretches JPlugin

amplifier $subject, $config)



Wow! It really works, there is no need to produce a whole controller to deal with one easy task.

But hang on one minute...

  • Within the link change index.php?option=com_customers to index.php?option=com_user
  • And let us put on Joomla 1.5...

Hey, hey, nothing happens com_user did not import anything whatsoever and __constructor wan't known as.

I'm very troubled with this in Joomla 1.5 and that i don't seem like writing whole component.

Should anybody possess some vibrant idea, please tell me.

Edit: I have solved my problem by delivering the hyperlink within the following form:


By doing this user plug ins are incorporated and __constructors are performed. But this really is so frivolous as task=logout does not really encourage to click within the link.

The issue with 1.5 is, that occasions tend to be more limited. You will find the following occasions available: Joomla 1.5 Wordpress plugin Occasions - User. I suppose therefore your wordpress plugin isn't started.

What about causeing this to be something wordpress plugin and checking for that activation within the URL/request qualities? Something similar to:

class plgSystemUseractiavation stretches JPlugin 

    $application =&lifier JFactory::getApplication()

    $appName = trim(strtolower($application->getName()))

    if( $appName === 'site' )