I am trying to produce a Joomla ingredient that shows the items in a database table like a table on-screen. Within the com_<name>/views/<name>/view.html.php file, what's the easiest method to create an HTML table that appears just like a standard Joomla table? Will I produce the HTML table by hand and decorate it with a few CSS classes, or it is possible to standard Joomla class/function available to get this done?

Request yourself, must you use PHP to create it? If Joomla includes a method that does, it does not mean you should utilize it. Save the PHP cycles for additional essential things.

If you are not doing anything special apart from developing a table then that's my answer, otherwise provide me with a little more details and I'll expand onto it for you personally.


Styling the table is dependent on the party's theme you are using. They ought to look exactly the same when the CSS ended properly. Otherwise, find another page in which a table has been used and have a look in the source code to determine what classes or ids it's applied.