So, I installed a brand new joomla 1.523 (via Fantastico) on my small server, but event though I've the domain title set, I've not registered it yet. Now I have to acess joomla, and that i can't.

I already did this having a Moodle server, and that i know I needed to change a config file to create the hyperlink to the IP. So essentially I ought to acess it with:

(This ip doesen't exist, just making a good example).

However I always have an error attempting to acess it, despite the fact that I recieve rerouted to:

Anybody understand what I have to switch to get this work?

(I attempted playing around using the configuration.php file within the cause of my server, but there's nothing there just like a url path variable to alter, I believe)

After setting up Joomla, cellular phone folder must be removed (or moved, or re-named), otherwise any access is going to be rerouted there.