I'll begin by mentioning there is a developer forum for Zoo and I have tried personally it already. My purpose posting here's which i typically obtain a thorough answer in a few minutes or hrs at SO, whereas the reactions on dev forums could be slow or non-existent because of the more compact population base.

My question regards Yootheme's ZOO 2.3.2. Automatically, an item "Frontpage" seems to possess a "Groups" box made on the top from the products. If a person turns off all of the available alternatives in Frontpage/Template configuration (hide Game titles, Count, Explanations, etc.), a clear box still remains on the top from the products.

I have had the opportunity to by hand take away the box in the whole by addressing the next file:

media/zoo/programs/product/templates/default/frontpage.php, and leaving comments out lines 84-92:

<!-- <?php

    // render groups

    if ($this->category->childrenHaveItems()) groups_title')

        echo $this->partial('categories', compact('categoriestitle'))


?> -->

Appears like there must be a far more eloquent method of carrying this out around the admin after sales, however i could not locate one. Am I missing something or perhaps is my solution the very best one?

ZOO is made to easily have the ability to customize the built-in templates to meet your requirements. ZOO templates are intended to be overridden similar to Joomla uses template overrides. Instead of editing the default template, you just produce a new template that does what you would like it to. The default template shouldn't be transformed.

This is actually the documentation on ZOO templates - http://world wide web.yootheme.com/paperwork/home/item/create-a-new-template

Instead of edit the file you mention above, you are making a brand new template here -


Then do all of the altering you would like without playing in the default.

There's an simpler way: First, you have to identify what calls the product known as "frontpage". In PURE yootheme a minimum of it's known as from "home" within the "mainmenu". So click "home" buton from the mainmenu, then within the right menu "Parameters(Fundamental)" you simply chose "-choose aplication-" rather "frontpage" and that is it.The Frontpage and it is "box" are actually gone. A minimum of it really works for me personally.

I think you'll understand my british. Cheers.