In Joomla 1.5, I produced the content. Before posting it, I wish to send a preview Hyperlink to my co-workers (they aren't registered to Joomla).

I am searching for something similar to adding task=preview towards the URL also it would show the content. It might be enough when the article could be normally released but wouldn't be shown on the primary page within the latest news. I attempted to create "Top Of The PageInch to "No" but with no success.

What's the most simplest and cleanest method to solve the issue? Thanks.

Joomla! 1.5 does not possess a feature such as this and in the way it's built I am unsure it is possible without modifying the core com_content files. Why not consider a search from the Joomla! Extension Directory to ascertain if someone has implemented what you are after.

Meanwhile when the article is arriving around the websites top of the page even if you've place it to not - then your top of the page should be utilizing a Section/Category Blog page style as opposed to a Joomla Frontpage page. Within this situation you can discover which category is placed to exhibit around the food selection getting used for that top of the page after which temporarily improve your article to a different that does not appear there.

Once you have first got it in another Category you need to have the ability to obtain a connect to the content using a search in the front-end (presuming you won't want to produce a menu link).

try developing a new category known as Preview and also, since that wouldn't happen to be designated to the pages yet, it shouldn't appear. For those who have trouble locating the article then, you can temporarily publish it either around the webpage or somewhere within the menu. Then if you have found and replicated the url, you are able to take away the article in the webpage or menu or wherever you temporarily get it appear.

Should you ever want several 'preview' articles showing up on a single page, produce a new food selection, assign it towards the Preview category you've made, as well as in System Parameters, click Show Title: 'No' therefore it does not come in recption menus. I'm not sure by what turns up in the search engines for instance therefore if it's sensitive data I can not say it will not show in search engines like google, it most likely will.

It most likely seems around the Top Of The Page because when you say it's area of the 'latest news' module. You might try getting rid of it in the module feed, but a brand new category is exactly what I'd do.


I simply selected Section: "Uncategorised" and also the article went in the latest news. Hope it isn't accessible every other means by the present setup (there's no search function hopefully). It isn't a cleanest solution, however it appears to operate.