I attempted setting up through the interface however it stated the package i waas attempting to install wasnt found. I additionally attempted puting the removed folder within the templates/ folder but nonetheless nothing. I attempted re-installing Joomla once again however with no luck. I'm suspicious of the problem has something related to mysql however i cannot make sure...

Observe that the server is running on my small laptop thanks

The custom template you're establishing takes a correct .xml file. as well as the correct naming. you could copy the xml file from a current template increase it together with your template title. update the files and folders which are incorporated.

This is a fundamental xml file i personally use increase all of the data directly into (title is templateDetails.xml and make certain you will find the cap D and all sorts of the relaxation in lowercase) Apart from the xml file the relaxation is not needed. you might have only the xml file and you ought to still view it within the joomla template interface.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<install version="1.5" type="template">
    <name>GDW Template</name>
    <creationDate>Juin 2010</creationDate>
    <author>Geant du Web</author>
    <copyright>Geant du Web</copyright>
    <description>Ne pas copier sans autorisation ecrite du Geant du Web</description>