For whatever reason, after i log into my joomla 1.6 after sales, it's now empty, exhibiting merely a logout button. Any Ideas?

Look into the rewrite of htaccess and also the $mosConfig_absolute_path variable in config.php

I simply went using it . problem but on J!1.7.3. There might be many, a lot of reasons but book using just URL if you're able to see for instance:

  • [YourDomainHere]/administrator/index.php?option=com_content or
  • [YourDomainHere]/administrator/index.php?option=com_modules

If submissions are listing and you are missing just Admin-menu and sub-navigation at the spine-finish --> which means you screwed-track of access levels and viewing access.

If you cannot see content listing - disregard the relaxation of the publish :-)

...with access levels and viewing access. To check on that, try entering [YourDomainHere]/administrator/index.php?option=com_customers&view=levels and enter each position within the list. Joomla after sales navigation module normally has Access set to Special, so concentrate on that one. When enter Special - manager, author and super administrator ought to be ticked. If everything empty in almost any in the list - here's your problem :)

You have to add manager, author and super administrator for your Special access level. Clearly you cannot see Save button, so you should utilize database. [wrrr :) sounds frightening?] Not really a large deal, go there using for instance phpMyAdmin and discover _viewlevels table. Inside just edit Special and add [6,2,8] values to setup manager, author, super.....

Update database. Attempt to log-in once more (close browser and clean cache before).

I really hope if the wasn't useful for you personally, is going to be for someone else.

p.s. There might be a means of 'saving' alterations in you joomla access levels with URL. Then you don't have to visit DB .. but I'm not sure if this sounds like achievable whatsoever :)