Hi I've a little of the problem. I've written a custom component for Joomla 1.6 and that i also have just written a custom router.php apply for my component in order to have 'pretty' SEF web addresses.

E.g. from




Excellent, yes! The main problem I'm now getting is the fact that after i make use of this bit of code to obtain a url variable:

$id = JRequest::getVar('id', 'blank');

And print it, I recieve:


after i should obtain the id value. It appears that getting now set the SEF web addresses that my component cannot retrieve the ids and the like that really drive a database driven website. Please could someone produce some insight in regards to what I would do wrong.

Thank you.

The issue was that during my "ParseRoute" function during my router.php I wasn't checking and configurations the right url segments. This function can be used to determine the segments after which set the right variable using the right segment value with respect to the location from it within the url.