I had been checking joomla 1.6 index.php and that i found the next code in the last line

echo $application

this prints the whole page contents.

I simply printed the contents within this object using print_r() and that i got the next particulars

JSite Object
    [template:JSite:private] => stdClass Object
            [id] => 6
            [home] => 1
            [template] => beez5
            [params] => JRegistry Object
                    [data:protected] => stdClass Object
                            [wrapperSmall] => 53
                            [wrapperLarge] => 72
                            [logo] => images/sampledata/fruitshop/fruits.gif
                            [sitetitle] => Matuna Market 
                            [sitedescription] => Fruit Shop Sample Site
                            [navposition] => left
                            [html5] => 0



    [_language_filter:JSite:private] => 
    [_detect_browser:JSite:private] => 
    [_clientId:protected] => 0
    [_messageQueue:protected] => Array

    [_name:protected] => site
    [scope] => 
    [requestTime] => 2011-10-17 17:23
    [startTime] => 1318872200.5365
    [_errors:protected] => Array


just how echo $application display all of the site contents, it does not consists of any HTML contents within the object.

Thanks greatly

It declares the miracle method [cde] within the class.

If the function is declared inside a class, the return worth of it will likely be used once the object is casted to some string.

Simple example: http://codepad.org/UmZUQA3v

__toString() is definitely an object, and $app accesses its values diversely from print_r. When echo is known as, additionally, it unconditionally calls the miracle [cde] method. That's been defined so that it returns a string using the page contents, because of the values saved within the object. echo provides you with individuals values, although not the __toString representation.