I have got Joomla 1.6 ready to go.

My real question is this:

Will we need plug-inches to include a PayPal donate button on Joomla? Can't we simply paste the code within the article?

You cannot paste code directly into articles with no extension. Automatically the content text area cleans any code out before placing it to the database. You are able to install extra time that enables code in articles or perhaps a Paypal button extension. I'm not keen on permitting customers to place their very own code therefore the wordpress plugin or module method will be the better route. You will find a number of 1.6 native Paypal extensions - http://extensions.joomla.org/search?q=paypal

I simply experienced the entire process of obtaining the PayPal button to operate on our Joomla site. With the aid of PayPal's tech support team, I discovered that although I'd back-finish administrative permission, I needed to log-in because the Super Administrator to have it to operate.

Log-in because the Super Administrator and undergo your article manager to edit the content. When you are within the article, the "plugin" over the textbox may have a blue "HTML" button around the right finish the 2nd row. Whenever you click it opens the HTML editor. Then i copied and pasted the PayPal code, and clicked on "Update". The PayPal button then made an appearance within the text box and that i could adjust the alignment when i wanted.