Joomla arrives standard with registered user, and public user

Basically give a third (registered) User that enables the 3rd user to some) produce a single separate page in Joomla the user can input pictures (as if you do on face book). b) Access all pages because the standard registered user does.

How do you start that in Joomla 1.7, give a third (registered) User and provide it level 2 accesses? Then the way i produce a single page for every user. In some way I want a mention of the each user’s page and reveal that in a listing and control their email list search parameters. And that i require the page viewable when selected as well as in the page info must be received through the third user. I am not creating face book however i need that kind of techno in some way.
Can someone point me as to the I have to take a look at, editorials, videos………. I understand I have to lean PHP better.

could i create a foulder for every rejistered user to carry photo's and title the folder acourding towards the user's title or current email address.

Sincerely Lex Dean

I would suggest to choose an element that provides the functionality that you'll require. You'll find it simpler to manage the consumer privileges there because they are standard configurations available. This really is easier than building from scratch.

Some well-known components are:

You will find more components and plug ins available, you may even wish to search the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) for something appropriate (