I'm searching for a Non-Commercial Joomla! extention that will permit me to include videos to articles by uploading them. and therefore after i produce the article i press a control button ( just like adding a picture) andi can upload a relevant video towards the media folder and choose it or choose in the media.

i looked at through all of the extention however they all appear to include videos by other ways but none of them (which i found) that uploads &lifier card inserts in the same location.

Thanks Ahead Of Time, Eric

Placing video right into a web site isn't a trivial operation. essentially, until HTML5 support is much more common (read universal) there's no video tag. So you have to place code to load a expensive video player. This makes it necessary that your website possess a video player open to it - and unless of course you've added one, you don't.

Furthermore, the web coding to embed the expensive varies between different browsers. Most likely the most typical method nowadays would be to place the recording player, and specify the media (file) for this to experience via javascript. Again this necessitates getting the javascript in position and getting a div or similar container having a specified 'id' for that javascript to substitute the recording into dynamically.

Like I stated - this really is non-trivial, ie not straightforward.

Withn Joomla the commonest approach to placing video is by a wordpress plugin whereby you embed a 'tag' marked with curly braces that the php substitutes for working html,javascript,expensive at runtime. The JCE editor includes a button with this - It might be extra time. Alternatively AllVideos, and AllVideos reloaded are very well established plug ins that permit insertion of videos from local website or from remote sites (Amazon . com S3 servers, YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

The conventional Media Manager, and also the file manager screens (for example whenever you click to place images) should allow uploading of videos, but you might want to add the right mime types inside the global configuration screens.

I am sure the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED) must have a number of other techniques made available: http://extensions.joomla.org/