I wish to override a helper.php file of the module, exactly


things i want would be to update the getButtons function within this file

do you know the options I must override this specific file ? its likely utilizing a wordpress plugin ?


You are able to really only perform a template override around the file within the tmpl folder known as default.php. If you wish to override assistant.php, you are basically spinning the module itself. This is not always a poor factor, just copy the items in the present assistant.php file into another apply for backup, and hack away. The down-side to do this is when someone updates the module, and also you install that update, you will need to redo your hack. Again, it isn't very difficult to operate around. Just backup backup backup.

More ideas: You might perform the following: 1) Copy the module to another folder, starting with mod_ too, however with another title. 2) Customize the xml file, assistant file, component file (and then any others which are necessary) to take into account the brand new title. Also do anything you want to assistant.php. 3) Visit extension manager and perform a uncover install of the new module 4) Visit module manager making a new demonstration of the brand new module (utilizing the same position because the old one). 5) Unpublish the module you are changing

This will help you stay protected from update loss.