I'm a newbie to Joomla 1.7 &lifier Virtuemart. I have tried personally many Content management systems to date as well as in Joomla I have to do common task. I have to have different layout for home page, for product list and product particulars and so forth. Each and every page is produced from index.php that is in *joomla root/templates/my_own_template/* folder.

And something more question. Can there be any Virtuemart 2. or Joomla 1.7 documentation? Because what I saw would be that the versions are actually not the same as original copies that most documentation are written.

Thanks ahead of time for solutions.

You are most likely not likely to find much documentation yet since that's usually last factor that the developer does when the code has gone out and examined.

For altering templates, you do not always have to change templates to possess different designs. First, VM has a number of different theme files (theme is really a VM template) that render the different pages. You will find already different designs you control within the admin. You may also change a specific page with the addition of or getting rid of the different modules from pages. You are able to connect a module with all of pages within the site, an array of pages, an exclusion of pages, with no pages whatsoever. Components like Advanced Module Manager provide you with much more treatments for when and where a module shows. A correctly coded template may have retractable module positions. So a webpage without any modules within the left column won't have a left column.

Lastly, Joomla 1.7 also enables using template styles. Whenever you use a template, it produces a default style. You are able to duplicate and edit that style, then assign it to numerous menu products to attain completely different looks in one page to a different. http://docs.joomla.org/Help16:Extensions_Template_Manager_Styles_Edit