I've got a 99% working RSS readers in PHP included in my joomla frontpage, but no matter any released article the latest (i.e. the surface of the list) has the next code included in the url.. the url works ok, but looks very untidy.


so my rss link appears like this:

    <a href="option=com_frontpage&Itemid=56http://www........">title</a>

the http://www... may be the correct link however for some reason joomla is adding this component connect to it.

other rss links do not have this. there's no issues within the rss script. checked, double checked, checked by another person.

it should be something happening in joomla.

anyone got any ideas.


p.s. i understand it's joomla 1. and incredibly bad. but it is a heavily modified after sales in the areas so not effecting this and it is with an internal server only.

added this code in to the function to check on for that prepending annoyance and take away it.

    //check for multiple http
    if($index == 0 && !preg_match("/^http/i", $this->link)){
    $this->link = substr($this->link, strpos($this->link, 'http'));