I have been trying to puzzle out a method to re-order a menu that people have so it will likely be alphabetical. This menu has about 500 products and it is strictly employed for URL structure, but we've another display menu that'll be using MenuLinks and we must choose all individuals from the dropdown within the after sales and it is very hard to determine. I have been trying to produce a mysql query that is going to do it but have experienced no avail.


UPDATE jos_menu set ordering = ordering+1 WHERE menutype = 'menu-name' ORDER BY name ASC

however it does not work. Just curious if anybody has figured this out.

Maybe basically manipulate the admin to show the dropdown menu (when editing a food selection) to show alphabetically, that is type of does for that Level products although not its children.

A means you could attempt is:

  • copy the table structure with PHPMyadmin
  • place into newtable from oldtable where menutype='menu-name'
  • drop autonumber primary key
  • set autonumber to
  • sort table physically by title (
  • reorder table physically by menu-type (ALTER TABLE foo ORDER BY key )
  • re-add autonumber primary key
  • update newtable, set ordering=menu_id
  • re-place into oldtable

HTH, Jochen