I have just began focus on a current Joomla! site, and also have a requirement to include an alternate language version of the article. Observe that this is not a complete-internationalization effort - we do not need every area of the interface converted - just the necessity to have another 'version' of the article. Ideally, though, this could include not only the core content - for instance, title. I do not actually want to produce a second article because, essentially, this can be only a single article, and I'm not going such things as comments to become split between two separate articles.

Does anybody determine if you can do this using joomla core?

Otherwise, can anybody recommend a current ingredient that is going to do this?

A great component for manage translations in Joomla 1.5 is Joom!fish. It enables you to definitely perform a whole internationalization that, while you stated, is not precisely what for you to do. However I love to think over time so, if there's more change, I haven't to restructure over and over just due to I've not thought it before. Hence, personally, I must use Joom!seafood anyway.

Well, like a short fix - Google Translator works and can be used to your template you are using. You'll be able to set so that it is hidden unless of course the customers browser is placed to utilize a different language as default - a small pop-up box drops lower also it asks to translate it using google translate.

If that is not the choice you are searching for - joom!seafood is a great component others rave about however i do not have much knowledge about personally. Outdoors of this I am not necessarily sure.

Hanny had advisable that might be really simple to apply within an article using the right extension. This can be used extension -


This could permit you to easily create tabs using the translations available anywhere you've them. The page above uses the extension to show the tabs, it might be trivial to implement.