I've been fighting having a strange bug. I possibly could not decipher it since lengthy. This can be a Joomla Website works totally normal on local server (WAMP). Additionally, it work normal on Godaddy server.

But presently i began using HostGator server. It shows the content game titles incorrect. Title and PDF,print,etc symbols do not get styling, they simply display random.

I attempted to show on/off some php components on server. but tend to not understand why title aren't exhibiting properly on server.

Look into the screenshot bellow.

enter image description here

The table that consists of the two symbols has three posts (and something row). First may be the title, the following two are for that two symbols...for individuals second two posts, the width is placed to 100%. That's your condition. Should you update web site and hang individuals to simply "20" rather than "100%" it'll look fine.