Let me analyize the way in which Joomla saves articles towards the database, does anybody knows where I'm able to discover the relative files and where I possibly could get clarifications? Thank's!

You can observe the Joomla database structure here.

The Content is held in Content table. There it will save you the HTML... the pictures are situated within the filesystem.

You can start searching at com_content. You need to take a look here:


If you are using Joomla 1.7, just about all techniques utilized by the com_content article model are utilized in the parent class (JModelAdmin, the course is determined in /libraries/joomla/application/component/modeladmin.php). For that article model, the save function works a phone call to JModelAdmin::save, with a few particularization if you are saving as copy or perhaps a featured article. Besides, think of the numerous plug ins may communicate with your article before and saving it (searching within the plug ins folders for techniques like 'onContentBeforeSave' and 'onContentAfterSave').

I really hope it assisted!