A few years back, I came across a Joomla based application (It the only real Joomla based application distributed available, the relaxation are components) for music or/and video distribution (for DJ? something similar to this).

The special factor relating to this (I am not thinking about this application due to what it really does, but due to what it's) is it would be a full application downloadable and dealing "as they areInch (didn't rely on other things) according to Joomla. it really would be a modified Joomla instance, modified towards the last level, custom admin, custom front-finish. It had been distributed totally free.

And That I can't appear to locate it anywhere. (Google really does not help this time around)

Q1: Are you aware where I'm able to think it is?

Q2: Are you aware about similar items (Joomla based programs - not components)