I am presently creating a custom module and for whatever reason it appends an empty space before anything I am outputting. My system is such as this:

primary class is within assistant .php, logic is within mod_title .php, output is within /tmpl/default .php

The strange factor is when I've got a method during my class that returns html. After which I refer to this as method during my template everything's fine no extra line is appended. But when I attempt to create output, even plain text, during my template or mod_title.php I recieve this extra line.

Here is a screenshot: enter image description here

Please tell me if anybody experienced anything such as this before, I'd considerably obliged!

It appears to become a saved place for something set to cover. I a minimum of have discovered this sometimes with print and rss symbols switched off, however the container fails disappear. You are able to take away the whole factor, or make corrections within the database files if you're able to discover the source. Appears like some kind of registration module so would you could try looking in the origin files for just about any modules you may have such as this in the event that rings a bell. Sorry no exact answer, but hopefully provides a little direction.

I have experienced an identical problem today, and handled to resolve it by encoding the module layout to "UTF-8 without BOM"