I've Joomla Version 1.6.3 placed on my website hosting provider. I must perform some fresh creating from the clean/blank slate of the template. I begin to see the Joomla website includes a huge quantity of templates to select from. What are the clean/blank templates without any formatting? Then, how do you start gradually presenting my very own CSS styles? If a person could point me inside a good direction, I'd much be thankful!

This is actually the beginning documentation for 1.6: http://docs.joomla.org/Joomla_1.6_Template_Tutorial

However - you'd most likely be superior offered searching in the 1.5 (linked at the base of this page) as it is complete. Also, you need to improve your Joomla version - In my opinion they're at 1.7+ nowadays.

Many people typically begin with the default template (milkyway In my opinion) or copy/customize the Beez template since it is pretty easy html/css manipulation.