I'm using Joomla 1.5x and i'm using breadcrumbs. I must have full path with my breadcrumb, however i can't get it. I've primary menu on top of the page and submenu quietly, so when I click submenu item, I recieve only Home>> subcategory title

I don't know what the issue is and just how to repair it.

Submenu quietly is child menu out of your primary menu on top? If so, you should use alias, you'll find it in MENUS > YOUR_SIDEBAR_Title > ALIAS

Should you no, you need to create a primary category first for the subcategory try not to place the primary category inside your submenu, just place the subcategory make use of the alias

You most likely are utilizing 2 different menus, one for that the very best and something for that sidebar. To be able to get - Home >> Primary Menu >> Submenu all the menu products have to be within the same menu.

To be able to do that, you will have to mix your primary and sidebar menus in a single menu. When you place your modules, for that top you have to set the beginning level to and also the finish level to at least one with child menu display switched off. Then you'll need another module for that sidebar. Within this module, place it to show exactly the same menu because the primary, then set the beginning level and finish level to at least one. This makes Joomla to simply display the very first level kids of the active parent. It will likewise correct your breadcrumb problem.