I'm using Joomla 1.5 . I've created a custom component that's essentially an item catalog however with many custom admin choices for the merchandise page and groups. I've also produced a custom view. Within the component, you may create groups and assign these to the items. After every category I add, I have to visit the Items menu in Joomla admin and add new item and assign the custom view, the category view. Essentially I want some signs about how do i automate this method, I am talking about give a new category as well as on save to auto produce the food selection, using the selected view, pass category title. Has anybody carried this out before ? Maybe some article you understand this...


In joomla , for each action you will see an information entry.

On creating category or creating menu.

Just look what all tables are up-to-date on creating category.

You'll be able to write a function for automation.

Whenever a category is produced , call function increase or place menu tables for any new menu.

It can be done guy.

I saw no solutions after 4 hrs , for this reason am posting something similar to a pseudo code.