I've lately completed joomla component development tutorial and I wish to personalize the end result and make up a video management component (named com_video). It uses com_categories component for category management. Can you really personalize my component so with the ability to use M:N realtions between groups and videos. I've produced 2 tables: videos and videos_categories where videos_categories just works as a mapping table.

I've edited com_video/models/forms/video.xml and added category area

        <option value="0">JOPTION_SELECT_CATEGORY</option>

as lengthy when i had catid area in video table, everything labored fine, however it only agreed to be 1:N relationship and it didn't make use of the videos_categories table.

And So I added multiple="multiple" attribute towards the catid area also it eliminate (naturally, it is sent being an array, i understand), what exactly I have to know is, which file/method accounts for saving the recording into database?

And the other factor...which file/method must i alter to be able to set the chosen options within the category list? Because the groups - video relations are saved in a different way however i was not able to obtain the file that's accountable for loading the chosen groups for that given video.