I've installed joomla on my small new account . All of the files are showing the FTP username as who owns files . However when time passes to joomla admin section and appearance directory permissions , it states the couple of folders are unwritable .

Will it imply that admin page is applying different user than FTP username

It is not about possession, usually its about permissions. If you wish to comprehend it all - there's a quite extensive FAQ


Short one - consider the the exam results - note the files and sites to become transformed. With respect to the security configuration of the Web server the suggested default permissions is: 755 for sites 644 for files

change them. For Filezilla (a totally free ftp client - my best guess on what you're using) a great tutrial how change file permissions is :


Because the owner normally has probably the most privileges, altering the possession of files towards the http-server process owner may also work' however again - you would need to do that every time and it is difficult via ftp.

Yes, if this sounds like located on apache, the apache server usually runs as user www-data.