I am presently focusing on a website that utilizes the 'RAXO All-mode PRO' module to show a listing of articles around the webpage, and also the 'JXtended labels' aspect of display pages that contains a listing of articles connected with given labels. The leading-finish functionality both in is extremely similar - get a listing of articles and display them.

Ideally, I would like both lists to show articles within the same format. However, since each component/module features its own method of fetching the information, and it is own template, they are presently sporadic. What's the easiest way of carrying out solving this?

I'm able to envisage a typical little bit of code (a module? wordpress plugin? component?) that are responsible for the display of a listing of articles, and features its own template for your purpose. I suppose I'd then have to hack the present module and aspect of give for this common piece. Additionally, there are the question of having exactly the same group of data - e.g. RAXO All-mode Professional presently will get an article's category JXtended labels does not.

Has anybody run into this problem before?

The problem from the modules tugging different data sets are only able to be cured by hacking the core to obtain the data that's missing.

Anything else can be carried out with a simple override. You are able to customize the module template files then save the brand new version in JOOMLA/templates/YOUR TEMPLATE/html/MODULE Title/default.php. You may make the override files match virtually exactly therefore the display is going to be consistent across both modules.