I'm establishing an internet site for any soccer club and i'm wondering which Content management systems to make use of. I'm a developer however i am carrying this out like a favour to some friend and prefer to grab something with modules inside it (registration, occasions, calendar, etc.) already. I have to have the ability to personalize it however i were built with a browse around and Wordpress appears like a blogging tool. I'm wondering if anybody practical knowledge using the above or any others and when you can shed some light. Thanks

The Main advantage of DotNetNuke is that you'll be programming insInternet with the tools which go with this. And also the db is obviously, SQL Server.

So if you're a MS guy, then DNN is a great option.

Day's DotNetNuke is on in Europe this Friday and we'll some 35mm slides which demonstrate using Telerik and sqlDataSource to construct modules within a few minutes. These use Telerik grids to provide you with CRUD functionality in 2 simple files. Drop directly into Paris if you're free, otherwise, go to the site in a few days and you will obtain the 35mm slides plus some sample code, otherwise get in touch and that i will be sending these to you,

PS. Unsure why, however, you will love focusing on DNN.

best of luck and revel in.


I can not speak to the present relative merits from the different tools, as it is been a few years since i have did a comparative evaluation of Drupal, Joomla, WordPress (and 40+ others).

But, I'm able to testify that Drupal will be a good solution for every club website.

As they are - or with installing a generally used module or three - you can setup:

  • Recent News
  • Approaching occasions (Calendar)
  • Blogs (for that club Leader, Treasurer, other officials, team captains, and so forth)
  • Media for example podcasts, videos, etc

Obviously, all of this is optional. There's loads of documentation online at http://world wide web.drupal.org covering all of this type of factor.

The main factor to consider away is: With Drupal, the task your friend will face using the website is "things to say" not "Steps to make it work".

It is dependent how good-experienced you're in a particular Content management systems for instance Joomal or Drupal as well as other. If you're able to personalize the items easily and have the ability to customize the Content management systems according to your requirements, you need to opt for that certain as both Joomla and Drupal have large listing of extensions for their title. You ought to have advanced programming concepts especially OOP if this involves designing the Content management systems. Another choice is to produce from scratch by yourself. Ultimately, I'd prefer Joomla over Drupal.

For those who have no training whatsoever with any Content management systems, It is best to Joomla to begin with. It's simpler to understand and most likely enough to handle a soccer club sites. It's also simpler setting a Calendar, Event System and Photo Gallery. Drupal is much more flexible, it's great user permission control, but it's a little more complicated.

Liferay Portal also offers the characteristics you'll need.

Fast and simple to setup with registration, Calendar ootb. it will likely be simple for your friend to admin later on