I am along the way of beginning my very own podcasting website. I am looking for a good content management systems to make use of. At the office, I am a .Internet developer and that we are beginning to make use of DNN for many small projects round the office. I would like the brand new business to become fully free but it may be nice to make use of Dnn cause I'll curently have some knowledge about it from work. I am worried that I'm going to be distributing myself too thin learning php/Light both at home and .internet at the office. Exactly what does everybody recommend?

I advise running, not walking, from Joomla. It's a very limited system, and also the mostly pay-to-play character from the developer community is really a major turnoff.

To obtain marking on content, I'd have needed to replace the core content module having a third-party, commercial wordpress plugin. Not extend, but replace entirely.

It was using the 1. version. We required a glance at 1.5 beta, however it did not seem like things were getting far better with this. We opted for Drupal rather, also it was the ideal choice. Nearly just of Drupal's functionality - login form, admin interface, etc. - could be extended without needing to hack core code - a genuine blessing if this involves upgrades.

I have to admit that I don't know DNN, however i have performed a little around with Joomla!, and much more with Drupal. I'll recommend Drupal, when i think it is more flexible and robust than Joomla! Drupal has a learning curve, however the recently launched book "Using Drupal" can help you comprehend the fundamental concepts. It covers several actual user cases, not your situation, but You likely remember will discover it helpful, because the concepts referred to within this book is relevant for a lot of Drupal modules.

I am a PHP developer by having an ASP.Internet background, and I have used both DNN (over 12 several weeks ago) and Joomla! (presently). I am afraid I can not talk to Drupal.

I discovered both DNN and Joomla! simple enough to setup. PHP understanding had little, if any, effect on installing the Joomla 1.5 site I setup for the local user group.

I disagree with ceejayoz's assessment from the Joomla! developer community being "pay-to-play" -- the website I setup at world wide web.frontrangephp.org, whilst not being the best looking factor around the Internet, is certainly functional having a minimum of extensions (Agora forum, a sitemap generator, a content-inclusion extension along with a view extension)...which were free. You will find commercial extensions, clearly, but that's not only at the Joomla! community.

You will find some excellent free extensions available Community Builder ( http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/210/particulars ) involves mind, along with the aforementioned Agora forums ( http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/communication/forum/1891/particulars ).

The main one disadvantage I've discovered between your two is straightforward layout functionality: with DNN I discovered it trivial to put out pages virtually the way i wanted. In Joomla! it is not as simple -- I figured establishing menus was a little cumbersome -- but otherwise I believe you might have exactly the same layout either in Content management systems. In case your focus is on simply hosting content -- and never frequently adding new sections -- then Joomla! isn't in a disadvantage, IMO.

I'd suggest testing out Joomla! in your own home (use WAMP to obtain your atmosphere ready to go rapidly) to obtain a sense of cellular phone and operation of things. If you can aquire a fundamental Joomla! site ready to go in half an hour or less (under 15 is most likely typical) then you ought to have no concerns about having the ability to manage a functional site with a number of extensions for the office.