I've got a template which i have built that'll be accustomed to display content for those pages except the home page. Now i've setup set DIVS for that content to sit down in, they're named:

introText, introImg &lifier mainContent.

I wish to setup joomla to ensure that i'm able to assign different articles to individuals sections, and i must do that for every page...???

Now i'm aware which you can use modules (like 'placeHere') to put articles in almost any DIV you might want, however it appears inefficient to get it done by doing this because so far as I am aware (and proper me if I am wrong) I will have to create a module for each section for each page.. I've got a large site, roughly 30 - 40 pages, occasions 3 modules per page... this is a hell of lots of modules..

I've been having fun with trying to setup the sections and groups.. I had been wishing to instantly assign the 3 'core' groups to every page (or section) to ensure that i possibly could just assign the articles via section and category reference.

Please recommend what my best strategy on this is... Thanks ahead of time !! )