I simply moved my current office Joomla 1.5.8 instalation in the server(linux) to my local machines (winxp) in order to work in your area and just upload the alterations.

The truth is after installing all of the files and setting up a backup from the remote DB on my small local machine I discovered myself not able to login towards the administrator panel, I can tell the frontpage although not login :/

To date, I've researched alot this issue, but many people appear to become going through this issue while improving from joomla 1.

To make certain the issue was this is not on permissions for that files,Used to do another completely new joomla instalation on another folder also it labored all right, I possibly could access the web site i could login to admin page, i quickly transformed the config file for connecting towards the joomla I am attempting to move and today I've found myself again not able to login :/

I believe the issue is around the DB however already attempted trying to find specific pathways but no luck

Does anybody has also try this?

thanks ahead of time :)

Attempt to change following variable inside your local configuration file along with you local values.

var $offline = '0';
var $log_path = 'Your local joomla path\logs';
var $tmp_path = 'Your local joomla path\tmp';
var $live_site = 'local url will be here';
var $dbtype = 'mysql';
var $host = 'local db host';
var $user = 'DB user for local';
var $db = 'Db name for local';
var $dbprefix = 'DB prefix whatever you have set, by default jos_';
var $password = 'your DB password for local';

You most likely have LDAP or openid authentication enabled and thats what's leading to this blank page when you attempt to login.

Just see your database and see your: jos_plug ins

And edit the plug ins that are either openid or LDAP set their released status from 1 to '0'

Situation solved.

Does your website use any type of extra authentication? Mine used the LDAP Authentication wordpress plugin. MY local machine could not connect with the LDAP server. After turning LDAP authentication off (just use Joomla authentication) it labored.

edit the jos_plug ins table in mysql to create released from 1 to for just about any extra authentication plug ins you're using.

I have talked about this problem in particulars here: http://www.itoctopus.com/blank-page-on-joomla-login

Generally we view, Joomla is attempting to load personal files that no more is available.