I have to store several values following a user registration into user account. jos_customers table from the second that resides with an exterior db.

To date just the title , email, username are saved , I'm just reading through the password to authenticate from this other db

What's the process joomla stores these details and just how could store aditional values at registration into user account.

My plan's after they authenticate the very first time, some fileds are replicated from mssql and placed in to the user account jos_customers table.,,,

To date I can connect with the exterior db and authenticate agains two posts , but dont get sound advice alongside pull the appropriate data..

/////Setting up CB or JomSocial mis no option Other Idea I've , would be to hack the CB_ mysqlfield making my MSSQL area.. Help


According to that which you have here, I'd simply employ Chronoforms. This is what I'd do -

  1. Install v3.2., I wouldn't make use of the v4.x version at this time around, it doesn't appear enjoy it has all of the functionality yet.

  2. Create form that captures all the info required for your additional table in addition to Joomla registration.

  3. Connect the shape towards the additional database table, this can keep extra fields you'll need.

  4. Let the Joomla registration wordpress plugin and map the fields towards the corresponding Joomla needed fields. This can keep info within the jos_customers table.

There's a pleasant step-by-step of making a registration form in Chronoforms here - http://www.navigatetomorrow.com/pdfs/Chronoforms_how_to_build_registration_page.pdf