I'm getting lots of trouble setting up extensions in Joomla, after considering it a little, I understand which i think I have to change my files permissions, I've no clue how to get this done. In Joomla, System Information, Directory Permissions, my permissions are going to unwritable aside from "configuration.php". I've no clue how you can change this on linux. I'm running Joomla 1.7.3 and Ubunutu 11.10.

Have you got spend access around the machine in which the Joomla files are, or would you have it running in your Desktop? Then it ought to be as simple as running the next two instructions within the Joomla directory:

$ find . -type f -exec chmod 664 {} \;
$ find . -type d -exec chmod 775 {} \;

...to create all files and sites writeable for that user who is the owner of the files and the group (and readable for those customers) unless of course you're the user possessing these files, you will need to execute the command as root or with root privileges (e.g. by prepending all of them with sudo).

Should you simply want to allow write permissions towards the user (and never the audience), use 644 and 775 rather than 664 and 775 should you only want the consumer to have the ability to read them, use 600 and 700 correspondingly browse the chmod manual (type man chmod within the spend) for additional particulars.

Really, configuration.php should not be writable should you change something within the configuration from inside Joomla, it will instantly be set to see-only.

In the event that you'll still can't install any extension, you may have to configure Joomla to make use of FTP for file access (which may be placed in the Joomla options). This really is necessary when the user running the PHP scripts does not have write accessibility files, only the FTP user (this type of situation might occur e.g. for located conditions).

Your condition is certainly going to be Possession instead of PERMISSIONS by itself.

However , you will find two primary methods to run PHP on the web server. One runs PHP included in Apache and it has these complaints. The problem is you place the files in position as you user, however the Apache web server accesses the files like a different user. Inside your situation Apache/PHP produced the configuration.php file so it's the dog owner and may email it. Other files were set up on your part so Apache/PHP can't touch them.

You will find two possible solutions:

1) Alter the possession from the Joomla files (recursively) towards the user that Apache/PHP works as.

chown -R user:group *

Where 'user' and 'group' ought to be changed using the actual username and groupname that Apache works as. Make certain you're in the main folder of the webspace before you run this command.

2) Install and configure PHP to operate through CGI using fast-cgi and SUExec.

Should you opt for the very first option - things works - however, you are experiencing difficulties if you wish to edit any files by hand, eg template and css files.

Option 2 quite a bit of work with the unskilled but eliminates these permissions difficulties as PHP will access the files while you.