I've been writing my very own joomla extension and i'm discovering it annoying that each change I make, I must zip my package up again, then un-install that old one, then install my new package. I understand I'm able to edit within the joomla directory but it is possible to better way? Has someone already written something to consider proper care of this? Thanks

This really is Joomla 1.5

You are able to install your extension once after which could make alterations in code in files of the extension. You have to to not un-install or do the installation again.


use <install type="component" version="1.5.0" method="upgrade"> this type of code in XML file of the extension installer. Then you definitely do not need to to un-install the extension, just do the installation over existing. It'll over-write the files of installed extension with brand new one.

When your component is installed Joomla puts your component files within the correct sites. You need to simply replace individuals files using the ones you earn changes on either via FTP or in your local computer for those who have Joomla running in your area.