I am thinking about creating a joomla component. My real question is.. how to begin up things ?

I'm able to develop a fundamental structure, zip it and do the installation. But is the proper way to start ? I will need to add more files while developing and so i do not understand do you know the development steps and methods.

A great starting point is by using this tutorial: http://www.joomladevuser.com/tutorials/components

They will use the MVC method the best idea and most practical method to build up an element. After that I suppose whatever needs you'll need for the component become familiar with by searching or asking the right path through it on either google or here on StackOverflow. Many of us are here to assist.

Here is a excellent beginner tutorial Developing a MVC Component For Joomla

Here is how you can correctly setup your workplace for Joomla development Setting Up Work Station